EFPA Combined Training Programme

Our combined courses allow you to become qualified to use both occupational Ability Tests and Personality Assessments. By combining the Ability and Personality Certificates into a single course, delegates are able to obtain a more thorough grounding in the theory and application of psychological assessment as a whole. This approach saves time by avoiding the duplication that occurs when the two levels are studied separately or if the component modules are separated by weeks or months.

The Certificates gained in the main Combined Course are:
  1. Assistant Test User (ATU)
  2. Test User Ability (TUA)
  3. Test User Personality (TUP)

Additional Qualifications Available:
  1. Test User Personality – Additional Instrument (TUP+)

Who Is The Course For?

The combined course is designed for anyone, in any field, wishing to use psychometrics in their business professionally, ethically and effectively. We regularly train human resource professionals, line managers, education councillors, career guidance teachers and psychologists who wish to use tests to aid selection, development, guidance, coaching and counselling to name but a few of the possible applications for testing.

Need more Information?

Further information on the next upcoming training programme can be obtained by calling our training course administrator on +356 21228264/5. You may also download brochure here: Download PDF