Career Guidance


The Occupational Interest Profile provides a comprehensive and fully integrated assessment for career guidance and development. The measure assesses both vocational interests and work needs. The former take account of those vocational interests and work areas in which an individual is likely to enjoy working. The asses how well suited individuals are to different environments. A number of different reports can be generated for OIP+. This assessment is often combined with the GRT2, integrating the outcomes with an ability assessment. The OIP+ has been successfully used in local schools with fifth form and sixth students assisting career guidance teachers and students in exploring their interests and career outlook.


The Learning Styles Inventory assesses a person's learning style, helping them identify the strategies they most and least prefer to adopt when learning new material. It is a self-development tool that aims to help individuals maximise their learning potential by enabling them to tailor their approach to learning to match their strengths. The LSI measures the 6 learning styles for which there is most supporting research. This measure can be used with individuals aged 15 and over in personal development and prior to training sessions as it enables people and trainers to make the most of learning opportunities and self-development by encouraging thought about preferred ways of learning.