Family Business Consultancy Services

Everyone accepts that because of the dynamics that are taking place within a family in business the business different considerations are brought into play into the decision making process. As a result, family businesses in all industries and irrespective of size need to overcome the ever present competing forces between family, ownership and business. To achieve this different structures and agreements are set up with the objective of helping the family work together over the generations.
Therefore a family needs to establish proper governance procedures both for the family and the business. In this way it can sustain the objective for the family to continue collaborating together in business over the generations. Below are listed some of the services that FBS2M can develop in relation to Family, Ownership and Business Governance.

The above services delivered by FBS2M Family Business Solutions are intended to assist the families in business to introduce best practices that will establish clear parameters of how families in business can relate to each other in respect of their involvement with the Family Business irrespective of size, business activity or complexity. The services provided are intended to deliver a holistic solution to the governance of the family and the business. These also harmonise the vision, mission and values of the business and the family so that they complement each other. The FBS2M Consulting Process gives clients piece of mind that a structured, consistent and thorough approach is taken under the various actions that we are asked to assist the Family in. Irrespective of the amount of work that the client requests us to assist with, they can rest assured that our processes and activities will fit seamlessly together irrespective of the time that subsequent work is implemented