Business Start Ups

2At 2M Management Consultancy Ltd. we recognize that transformational change evokes high complexities but also high improvements. Our service specialists provide professional and tailored advice to the managers, directors and stakeholders of firms undergoing mergers, financial difficulties, corporate transformational change, restructuring, market repositioning and governance changes, ensuring our clients feel supported, well guided and mentored throughout the entire process. We acknowledge that any form of change addresses all aspects of the business including the people, process, organization, technology, and financials hence, we dedicate time to address all facets to ensure long term success. Our strategy also incorporates: research and development; back office services; IT infrastructure;addressing the workforce/organizational structure, preparing the footprint, addressing supplier relationships and risk management assessments. Our goal is to enable client firms to visualize where they want to go; to help them establish why they should go there, and then to determined how best to get there.