Our team of professionals and specialists understand that our customers appreciate and often require a range of diverse and differentiated services under one roof. In order to provide such a possibility the 2M team is supported by expert and highly qualified Associates in different fields as well as partnerships and collaborations with both local and foreign organizations. The company has also cooperated and worked with foreign companies and Universities in the development and provision of management training programs, seminars and conferences in relation to company business governance and restructuring, business start-ups, marketing, human resources, family enterprises and accounting. Through our connections we can help you establish yourself in the global market by providing sound advice and mentoring that will enable you to reach new heights. 2M Management Consultancy Ltd is continuously looking to increase and solidify the services and training programs it offers through networking, collaboration and strategic partnerships with both local and foreign organizations. Our team encourages organizations, NGO’s, individuals or Universities who would like to further explore possibilities of collaboration to contact us with their proposal.

Network and Collaboration